Do i need an expensive drum module

I have a cheap Alesis drum module and i wonder if i would get an expensive drum module would then my piano plug hear through the drum sound better then

What is the current problem? Is it velocity is too low? If so, you can adjust that using MIDI modifiers to raise the velocity for each track. (See Here)

Just to be clear, are you using the Alesis drums as a controller? (i.e. you hit a pad and it sends that note to a Piano plugin?).

I dont use the Alesis drum module as a controller. The problem is that both chords and tones seems to easily drown in the bright drum sound from the module not the bass sound, What could that be for problem

Ah ok, so are your drum sounds being recorded into an audio track into Cubase? If so, you just need to apply EQ and compression to get everything to sit right.

Also, make sure that your tracks aren’t too loud - always allow for headroom in your mix where possible. And pull down volumes, rather than increase them as you can apply gain at the end as a compensation.

Make sure that your audio coming in to Cubase from the Alesis is of a decent volume level too and you’re not coming in too ‘hot’/loud also. You don’t want to be clipping at the input point.

Do i set an EQ on the piano or the drums or both

You said that the drums high frequencies, are overpowering the chords, correct?

If so, I would use subtractive EQ method on the drums.

i.e. instead of adding EQ boosts, remove gain from the Mid-high range on your drum audio tracks. Pull it down, and widen the curve a little and then just sweep around the frequencies and listen to how it sounds.

Once you get a sound that you’re happy with, save it as a preset for future.

Don’t forget that over-saturated bass can affect your highs too, so apply low cuts on tracks that don’t need a bass presence, and try to get instruments predominantly in set frequency bands to create some space.

i.e. for chords that sound like they struggle to come through at the high end, a bass cut on those tracks and a little high boost can work really well to clean them up to be more defined. Used in conjunction with a subtractive EQ on the drums should push the balance in your favour.

Hope that makes sense, it’s a fine art that’s hard to put into words! :slight_smile:

Do you think that the problem could be that the midi part in my RME - AIO sound card is half broken or something

If the piano plug sounds good on its own and the drum sound sounds good on its own is there then nothing wrong with the midi part in my RME - AIO sound card

Well, I don’t know how it sounds so can’t say if it’s broken or not, sorry.

But it’s not unusual for two musical parts to sound good on their own, but not so good when played together - as that’s the art of mixing is getting multiple assets to sit well together.

Are you actually recording the drum module into an audio track in Cubase? Or is it just playing direct (monitored) through the RME and out of your speakers?

I am recording from the drum module into line in to the RME sound card and because of that i am getting the drum sound in an audio track. I have tried like you said to lower the gain in the mid frequense on the drum track and it worked the piano sounds better through the drum sound but the drum sound sounded bader after that and seemed to be lower in volyme. Because it worked but wasnt perfect so do i actually really believe that i need an more expensive and better drum module because then in all of the sounds in that module i might find the perfect one that doesnt even need to have lower gain in the mid freq but still work very well with the piano plug