Do I need an IPS display with Cubase?

Switching from two 20" Samsungs to two 24" LED…I have one already,should my second one be an IPS panel?Will it help with the mixer and VSTs?My third party libraries in Kontakt have text and that’s where I’m having problems right now,becomes an eye strain after a while.Anyone using IPS panels in their set up and can recommend them or will I be wasting my money?

Some thoughts on that:

  1. Are you using the panel’s native resolution?

(If you use any lower resolution than the native one, the picture will be more or less blurred).

2) Are you using a digital connection from your graphics card to the monitor?

(If you use analog VGA connections for higher resolutions a) with an outdated monitor card and/or b) with cheap cables, the picture will not be as crisp as possible).

3) Should the two monitors stand right next to each other? Than use the same model twice

(It’s quite ennoying if two monitors can not be “seamlessly” placed side by side. This is only possible if they have about the same frame around their panels, and if their stands are of the same highth).

Also look at the bevel size if they have to be next to eachother. The bigger the bevel, the more space is wasted. When using 2 screens you have the 2 bevels right in the middle of your field of view, so if they’re big you lose valuable space.

You are perfectly right, but:

Thanks for the quick reply…
Yes,I already have a Toshiba 24SL410U LED TV which I might as well use now(didn’t work out as a spare TV).The two screens will be right beside each other at a slight angle.One will use an HDMI because the ASUS board only has one of those inputs.The graphics card is the XFX HD Radeon 6850,so I can use the native resolution for both displays.
Because of the slight angle,would I not be better off if the second display is an IPS panel?