Do I need ASIO driver?

I’ve moved a UR22 from a computer I use with Cubase Pro 10 and a MIDI controller to another computer that I’m using to teach online classes so I can use some of the better mics I own. I believe that the only way to install the low latency ASIO driver is to install Cubase on this second system.

Right now it seems to be working ok and I’m not experiencing any serious latency problems. But I wonder if installing Cubase and its associated ASIO driver will reduce any microphone latency even further if I’m not going to apply any effects/processing?

Cubase is a pretty big install and there’s no point doing it if it’s not going to provide any advantage for how the UR22’s being used.


The ASIO driver is installed when you install the driver software for your audio interface, in your case it gets installed with the Tools for UR22 driver package. Cubase do not install any ASIO drivers.

I didn’t think of looking for a Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Control Panel as I thought that the ASIO was a choice I made inside the Cubase setup. Maybe I have seen it at some point in the past … but once you set those things you tend to just move on and use the software and forget they’re there.

Thank you KHS :slight_smile:


You select which ASIO driver to use in Cubase yes, but it’s not something that Cubase install.

Generic low latency driver is installed by Cubase install.

Ahh … that explains why I see more than one ASIO option in the Cubase setup and only the Yamaha one with the UR22 driver install.