Do i need Cubase for recording midi output flexphraser?

Strange i got the instructions to use Cubase for recording the midi output of th eflexphraser n HAlion5
Probably there is a asumption that i use HALion5 in Cubase, but that is not the case

So suppose i open a HAlion5 VSt in a composerprogram, then it seems to me that i can record the midi output of the flexphraser and drag the midi file to the composer

So the question is: do i need Cubase for recording the midi output of th eflexphraser of HALion5 …or not ?

I use another host (Studio One) and can drag a recorded MIDI phrase from the flexphraser to the host.

I like to use the midi out of HAlion5 for midi patterns in HAlion5 again, but i am afraid this is not possible
The flexphrased sound has a recorded midi phrase , but can this be played again as input for the flexphrased sound?
So can i use the recorded midi phrase again for this flexphrased sound ?

You are right that you can drag the flexphrased midi out it to a host sequenzer, but before that it must be recorded in Cubase …

Yes, just turn off the flexphraser module and the dragged MIDI part should play the instrument just like the flexphraser would do. Otherwise you’ll fire of a flexphraser with a flexphraser pattern :wink:

Maybe it’s host specific, but I can record the flexphrase and drag it to the host all without using Cubase within S1.
Like this:

Thanks for your extensive reply!
Seems to me indeed logical that the recording of the flexphrases is in the flexphraser itself like you do now.
Problem with this midi out of the flexphrases that i got another workflow from Steinberg itself, what at first sight seems to me unlogical, and your workflow seems to more logical.

  1. Arm the flexphraser to record
  2. start the hosttransport something
    4 disarm phrase record, drag phrase to track

How many flexphrasers are used for a program ( sound ) ? … i studied a combi program and it has 3 layers using a flexphraser with pattern 1

Yes turning of the flexphraser is good point to remember.

I fully agree the workflow is a bit tedious and a MIDI out you can route to other MIDI channels, would be a welcome addition.

Unfortunately I can’t help you there.

Let me put it this way : Can i record the midi output of all of the flexphrased sounds in Cubase … what are the conditions for this ?
Take for example the HAlion City program (sound) …how can i get the midi output for this ?

The Halion City program are 2 synth’s and 1 granular module, phrased by 3 flexphrasers, one for every module.
There’s no easier way to control from the outside what’s happening than through Halion’s engine and modifiers itself.
But what I should do if I really want to work outside Halion in my sequencer, is breaking up the program in three MIDI channels and give every layer its own Program (and MIDI channel). Then I would drag out the different phrases to the appropriate tracks in my sequencer.
But for a program like this I would most likely not go through all the hassle because all the flexphrases used in this program can be modified within Halion and it will give you far better control over alternate sources to modify those from within Halion’s environment.

But hey… that’s just personal and I would definitely try to see what works for you :slight_smile:

About ripping the phrases.
For PC the phrases are stored in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\HALion\Sub Presets\Phrases\ but they are all in XML and formatted in a way we probably can’t convert, so there’s no easy way.

What you could do indeed (although it’s a lot of work) is drag and drop all the flexphrases from Halion 5 to Cubase with the length and key you want (this can be done the way we discussed earlier). You can then save them for instance as MIDI loops (File -> Export -> MIDI loop) so you can drag them in from the media bay again when needed.

I’m not sure why you want all the flexphrased modules out of Halion, but I could imagine you would like to make modifications to it and control Halion 5 with them. But keep in mind not all phrases are suitable for other VST’s or Halion programs (due to keyswitches, sample placement etc.). So when manually exporting them be sure to think of a good naming scheme to identify them later on and maybe ask yourself before you start a big job like this: what do I gain?

Nevertheless good luck experimenting! :sunglasses:

The idea is to use the HAlion5 flexphrased sounds a midi phrases in a composer program ( also the chords belonging to the sound, but for that the keyboard needs a midi note on/off signal --update HAlion5 ? )
The composer needs the real midi from the phrase and not the triggernote for processing it with his musical AI

Ideal should be if i play in the composer the HAlion5 notes are routed to a midi output for different layers
i start with a playing a motif and the composer converted this to midi channels with the flexphrased midi output
Now the midi can be processed by the composer…that is the idea and playback with HAlion5

I can setup a midi out in Cubase, but in the composer itself works quicker
Hopefully HAlion5 gets a improvement in the near feature by easy routing midi out its layers
Thanks for sharing you ideas here :slight_smile:

It seems there is no Multi midi out ( no midi out in general if you want use one channel ) for the layered sounds in HALion5, so i cannot record midi from these layers in Cubase 7.5 ?

It is only by rebuilding the layers in HAlion5 and dragging the flexphraser midi out to a midi cha nel in Cubase
This is not flexible …
When it is possible to record the midi output(s) of the layer(s) into new midi track(s), i can play on my keyboard.