Do I need Halion Sonic if I have SE?

Cubase 11 keeps crashing on song load. The error (when I reboot and restart the program) is Halion Sonic. I removed the VST3 version. But now the VST2 version is doing the same thing. I own Halion 6 and SE. Should I reinstall Sonic? How do I do that - is it a separate download? And do I need it if I have SE and 6? Thanks very much.

Halion Sonic 3 is included with the full install of Halion 6.

I would try to re-install Halion 6 and let it install Halion Sonic in that process.

You probably don’t need Halion Sonic, unless you’re developing sounds for distribution, but it normally shouldn’t be much of a problem to keep it around.