Do I need more RAM or a faster CPU? - Audio editing 'Lag' issue

Hi All! I have an older DAW but it still works great for most music projects and I have recorded 3 albums on it already so I know it’s capable - however, when working with multiple tracks & group editing enabled (drum recordings with many takes and A LOT of lanes open) there is a real slowing down of edits. If I select an audio event and want to move it, cut it, etc my whole system slows down and is really struggling to keep up and it kills my workflow - this only happens with big group editing situations with lots of takes & comping.

Will More RAM help this? I have 16 gigs of RAM right now. Or is this more a CPU issue?

Thanks for all your help and tips!

Share the exact computer specs including (specific) Cubase version and OS version. Also put them in your sig for future reference so people can easily see them.

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Thanks for your Reply - My computer is a Hackintosh running Mac OS High Sierra - the system is stable so I never updated the OS - if I wanted to run an up to date Mac OS I would have to replace hardware in my PC. My specs:

Intel Core i7 3,39 GHz processor
16 gigs of 1333 MHz DDR Ram
AMD Radeon 6870 video card with 1024 MB of ram

And I am running Cubase 9.5 with the most current software update for that version.

For 99% percent of my work things run smoothly - but multiple lanes on multiple track sand group editing engaged slows things way down!

have a look at this whilst you are working.
View CPU activity in Activity Monitor on Mac – Apple Support (UK)).
you’ll be able to tell what is slowing it down. I