Do I need these files?

Trying to free memory on my hard drive it found in my Download folder
( …/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX ) 12.67 GB of Steinberg files. Do I need them
in this folder or are they also installed somewhere else?

Files are listed below.

Good Morning (5:41)

Here is the files:
Dorico 4.1 Application Installer
Dorico 4.1 Version History
Dorico 5.0.10 Application Installer
Dorico 5.0.10 Version History
Dorico 5.0.20 Application Installer
Groove Agent SE 5 - 5.1.20 – Instrument (recommended)
Groove Agent SE 5 - Content (recommended)
HALion Sonic 7.0.10 – Instrument (recommended)
HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content (recommended)
HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10 - Instrument (recommended)
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Indian Drum Basics
Jazz Essentials
Olympus Choir Micro
Sound Content for Dorico Pro 4 (recommended)

If everything got installed normally and correctly, then yes, you can delete everything from the Downloads area.

Yes!!! Thank you!