Do I need to bring UR44 back?

I use Cubase and the Midex8 succesfully for years with my previous soundcard (Roland ua-25ex).

NOW, after one week trying to make UR44 work properly, suddenly all different Problems come up!

  1. My mouse is not responding / dissapeared
  2. My PC is not shutting down
  3. By restarting and opening Cubase, I get no permission because the USB key-code is not oke … I have to fill in the key-code. It didn’t help … A very big red cross.

Only windows 8.1 and Cubase are installed (except for midex8 and soundcard).
Never had one problem.
For UR44 installed the latest drivers (after deinstalling roland drivers and restarting PC).

I’m speechless …
Deinstalled ur44, took all cables out, installed old card, and everything works fine again … .???
Is this true?
I especially did by Steinberg to prevent this sort of problems …
My feelings about solving the hardware conflicts are negative. Bring it back to the store???
Do you have some other suggestions?

You’re describing a lot of different problems and am unsure if you been having the problems since day 1 of UR-44 or that it suddenly happened after a few days.Honestly I have no real solution other then you probably need to follow a checklist of troubleshooting.

Thing that come to mind are: conflicting drivers (even uninstalling will leave traces in registry (I had the UA-25 before I went UR-44 and used a dedicated driver uninstaller and CCleaner afterwards).

Personally I stay away from dongles so Cubase is a no-go for me but that doesn’t help you a bit.
Might want to check things with licenses though for the red cross thingy.

Can’t help you out much further. When all is installed your DAW/soundcard and all function properly?

Maybe look at your window logfiles to look for clues?

Wish I could help more.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!
I ll. check some out!