Do I Need To Keep 7.5 To Install Upgrade To Pro 8?

Hi guys, I’m kind of confused and need some help with my Cubase 7.5 Upgrade to Pro 8. Do I need to keep any of the Cubase 7.5 content? Or can I completely uninstall Cubase 7.5 and all of it’s factory content before doing the update to Pro 8. Will I lose any content? I’m just asking because with my luck… :laughing: Thanks for your help!

There is really no need to remove a previous version. Do you have limited drive space?

Just curious why you would want to remove 7.5 just yet.


Make sure you got all the presets and content available in Cubase8 before removing Cubase7.5.
I was missing all kinds of plugin presets in Cubase8 after the Update (and I didn’t uninstall 7.5), so I decided for a clean Install.
You can download a complete installer for a clean Cubase8 install. You don’t need to update.


Hi jimmys69, I have tons of hard drive space. I just like to remove software that I don’t plan on using before I install new versions. I like a lean hard drive. If I encounter major problems I can always roll back if it’s that bad. If I encounter minor ones I will find workarounds. :wink:

Hi Steingreb, thanks for your reply. The installer I got from the purchase email is about 5.37gb so it seems as if though that should be the full installer but again with my luck… Great idea about going to My Downloads and checking for the full Cubase download. I’ll see if the size matches up and that will confirm if the installer I got is the complete version and then uninstall 7.5 before I install Pro 8. Thanks again!


judging by the probs people are having with C8 I think i’d hang on to 7.5 for a while…I’m glad i did…

Thanks again Steingreb, I found out that the installer I had wasn’t the full installer. It was in fact the update installer that was 5.37gb The full installer weighs in at about 12.2gb (after unzipping, holy cow!!) so that’s the one I need to download in order to uninstall Cubase 7.5 without losing factory stuff. Thanks again man!

Thanks for the info shadowfax, but I got faith that I’ll power through all of the niggles. It’s all about tuning and workarounds. Hell, Cubase 7.5 wasn’t perfect either. I’ll keep you guys posted.

All flowers and smilies now, meanwhile a week later I get banned after coming back and starting the flamewar of the century,
"STEINBERG CAN SHOVE THIS PIECE OF CRAP PRO 8 UP THEIR ASSES!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


So far, so good. Everything is there and all is functioning beautifully. Cubase Pro 8 is an amazing update!