Do I need to KEEP Activation Assistant OR Download Manager?

Hi there, I have Cubase Elements 12 and really needed to empty some space on my laptop. Maybe this was stupid, but I deleted Activation Assistant AND Download Manager. And for the most part, my Cubase Elements 12 ran without incident.

WELL, the only thing that happened was I received some sort’ve NOT FOUND message for maybe 2 instrument sounds, but after I clicked ok, My project worked JUST FINE.

So did I really need Activation Assistant OR Download Manager?..


Welcome, @RangelsAngle

I think that you made a mistake as, one day or another, you’ll need them, wouldn’t it be just to manage either your licences (Steinberg Activation Manager) or the contents that are available for them (Steinberg Download Assistant). Same thing for the Steinberg Library Manager, by the way.

No real harm done, however. You should be able to reinstall them, when needed :

Using your MySteinberg account, you should be able to view/manage your licences, using these two with administrator rights (or the equivalent if you are working under MacOS).

EDIT - English rubbish eliminated (I think…)

Since reading your reply, I reinstalled both of them.

I notice you said ‘No Harm Done’, though. Did deleting ‘Activation Manager’ or ‘Download Assistant’ affect my software in a way I don’t notice now? I logged into both of them with my Steinberg ID and they seem to be working fine.

I even downloaded and installed the free Navia Harp VST that came out yesterday…

Thanks for your help so far:)