Do I need to re install Cubase 8?

My C8 will not open, says it “cannot find skin” never come across this before and dunno what to make of it…do I have to unistall and re install?

Ta for any help…Kevin :slight_smile:

Certianly sounds like an installation corruption. I would try again.

ok thanks…does it make sense to use the same download or d’ya reckon I should re download and start again?

sorry for the daft questions but I’m not a confident "puter"user, everything I touch turns to doggy do… :blush:

Which then leads to questions like… what else was happening?

  1. Clean download - whole file w/o interruption?
  2. download manager pause & restart?
  3. any other OS changes between last successful Cubase installation and now?

ooeerr :blush: …no OS changes and the download was uninterrupted, everything went as normal until i tried to open C8

thanks for the help…Kevin

If the installation ran OK (though obviously managed to miss something along the way) I would first try the same installer again. As you have it there already it will only take 5 mins and can’t make things any worse!

Hi Kevin,

I don’t believe you need to download the installer again. Just uninstall Cubase Pro 8via the Windows Control Panel (only the Cubase application, you don’t need to uninstall anything else. Leave all plugins and content files as they are) and run the Start Center again. Only Cubase pro 8 will be re-installed.

I can’t tell why your skin file got corrupt, but re-installing Cubase will help.


OK thank you…will give it another go tonight…Kevin :slight_smile: