do i need to uninstall Cubase AI 8 before I install Cubase AI 9'5

ok I have taken the offer to upgrade my AI 8.0.40 to AI 9.5 I have downloaded to file of nearly 6Gb so I assume it is a whole new program and received the activation code via email. but I cant find any info (even in the downloaded upgrade files) whether I need to first get rid/uninstall AI 8.0.40 first.

this is prolly easy stuff to know for most but I would prefer a lil advice before I go ahead. Does the downloaded upgrade file look for the previous version and upgrade from there of does it in stall a completely new version leaving the old one intact… I rather (if possible coz it has left lots of stuff in my program manager to remove, if I have to) remove it’

what’s the general go with this… muchly appreciate knowing where to go from here.

Cheers in advance

No. Install Cubase 9.5 and give it a try, if it’s working without issues then you can uninstall Cubase 8 manually.

You only have to remove the Cubase AI 8 entry from your program manager, nothing else.