Do I need to uninstall Cubase Elements to install Cubase Pro?

Hey everybody I was using a trial version of Cubase elements for a month and now it is over as there is a sale going on I will buy the Cubase Artist as get the Pro as it says, so in order to install Cubase Pro do I need to uninstall Cubase Elements or I can install it directly from the download manager? And will I be able to open my projects in Pro which I created using Elements? It’s my first time with Cubase, that’s why I am asking this question here.

at least how it was before, Cubase Pro and Artist is the same application. They are just controlled by your license. As for Elements I do not know.

But if going from a demo Elements to a full version version Pro I would uninstall the Elements version, then download the full Pro from Steinberg’s site. I make that statement trying to think logical because normally the demo versions of Cubase come months later than their full version so maybe they are modified in some way