Do I need "Tools for UR22 mkII" CD?

I recently bought a UR 22 mk II audio interface to replace the built-in audio system in my PC for use with my Cubase 11 Pro DAW. I downloaded the USB interface driver and everything has worked fine.

The UR22mkII came with a CD called “Tools for UR22mkII”. Is there anything on that CD I should care about or should I just chuck it? I have five PC’s in my studio+office and only one of them even has a CD drive and it hardly ever gets used. This is the first product I’ve bought that had a CD in it in many years. I don’t even have a place to store CDs.

You can download everything right from the Steinberg website. Just go to support page, choose hardware, and pick out your interface. It will give you all of the downloads available.

So you’re saying that there’s nothing on the CD that’s not on the website? The CD is labeled “Tools” but the only things on the CD is documentation are some setup.exe files. So what are the “tools” it’s referring to? The documentation does not describe what’s on the CD. What do the Setup.exe files load or install?

Correct. All the latest updates are going to be on the website anyhow. I would keep it anyhow in case you sell the product. Keep it with the packaging.