Do I need whole Sounds package to try Dorico SE?

I want to try out Dorico SE without installing the whole 3GB Sounds package. I’m on a metered internet account with only 10GB/month. Can I just install a more basic sound package so I can try the notation interface? If so - which? If I want to keep it, I’ll get all the sounds. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @markeinkauf.

You don’t need to install the sound package, Dorico will run also without it, but obviously you then won’t get any sound during playback, but everything else will just work as normal.
And during program launch you will get an alert that the sounds are missing, but you just click that away and can start notating your music.

Thanks - can I get at least one sound installed and working? It would be great to have some sort of audible feedback. I have a midi piano connected - can I get it to playback through that even though I don’t have the Sounds package installed?

Yes, though it’s a bit manual. Open a project, then go to Play mode, and switch to the VST Instruments panel on the left-hand side, and add a suitable MIDI device (be careful not to choose your MIDI input here – it must be the MIDI output).

Once you have a MIDI output added to this panel, you can switch to the Routing panel, and manually route each instrument to a channel on your MIDI device.