Do I really need to partition my intern SSD?

Hi Cubase friends.
I don’t post too often on the forum but can assure I read it a lot.
Thanks in advance for any help…
I just got myself a brand new Macbook Pro and a’m about to configure my system for DAW.
The question is; Do I really need to partition my intern SSD as I use to do in the past with normal HDs
for a separate audio disk?
In other words: Is it ok to have on the same intern SSD the OS/Apps/Audio files?
This is for a mobile “light weighted” working situation. Otherwise when on desktop, external HDs would be connected via Thunderbold or USB3 (audio / video …)



Partitioning a HDD AND using them at the same time is guaranteeing a higher minimum track seek time, making it more difficult for your system to keep up. I do not understand why laptop manufacturers persisted in providing such inefficient disk layouts. It is better to keep it all on the one partition as there is more likelihood that there will be less head travel.

There is a reason why separate audio drives are good when using HDDs: OS activity is unlikely to interfere with audio read-writes, but using separate partitions on the one drive not only doesn’t prevent that, but also ensures any interruptions will take longer!

SSDs are fully random access, with no track position penalties, so you can partition them as much as you like.