Do I really still need my USB E-Licenser to use my UR44C tools?

I’ve upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro, I received a transfer key for Groove Agent 5 and I just want to use GA Classics for songwriting (not for serious recording). Is there any way to do this without the system reporting a missing E-Licenser? The UR44C shouldn’t need any of this.

The UR device doesn’t use the license, but the VST plugins that run on the computer do.

They are listed in the Windows Programs and Features control panel as Basic FX Suite

They are the ones highlighted in the image below:

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I’m not a Steinberg employee and cannot talk for them, but we can speculate that the e-licenser dongle will gradually disappear of all their products as the roll-out updates in the coming year or so.

Well… at least that’s what I’m hoping for, as I’m sure a few 1000s other users like you and I !!

BTW: is there a way to vote for future features on this forum?

Don’t bother, Steinberg does not care much about feature-requests, PLease read other posts about requests

Steinberg has already announced their plans to migrate eLicenser licenses to the new Steinberg Licensing system:

Many of the feature requests for the UR series on this forum may need to be implemented by or in cooperation with Yamaha staff. I do believe that someone is checking the forums for common issues and feature requests.

Thanks for the replies all. Just wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed a trick. I’m happy to wait a reasonable time for this clean up.