Do i run all 3 installers?

This question would be for users who purchased Cubase 7 as download. I purchased upgrade from Cubase 4 to 7. The download came with 3 parts for the installer. Do I run all 3 or do I just run the 1st one?

What happens if you run only the first…?

Everything seems ok to me except I can’t get my midi keyboard to work. It said install complete. I even tried running the 2nd but it’s the same install to a T which brings me here. Just want to see what others did.

Do you see midi activity in the right side of the transport bar? (F2)

Yea there is activity but when pulling up a plug in like massive , or even the instrument in cubase , the midi controller doesn’t work. Now I can get sound by pressing the on screen keys with my mouse…it’s weird.

What midi kb do you have?
are you monitoring the track?
midi activity stops in the transport bar as soon as you introduce instruments?

Look to Prefs.

I have akai MPK25 , it has Cubase presets and it works fine with Cubase 4 , just can’t get it to sync with instruments, all the ports are active. Cubase honestly recognized it an set it up by itself. I’m stumped.

Normally in Cubase 4 , I load instrument track, hit keyboard keys and I’m playing melodies,

It acts as if its not connecting to the VSTs , virtual instruments…

Hi guys, just wanted to let everyone know, I got the midi keyboard to work. I basically reset all midi settings in preferences and worked. Wish I knew which setting it was but as long as it works I’m not messing with it. Lol also regarding the 3 installers, I deleted Cubase , reinstalled only opening the 1st installer. Seems to work, just don’t know why there is 3 if I only need 1. Thanks dr everyone’s help.

Because the installer data is split into (IIRC) 2 GB chunks for filesize and more comfortable download reasons, which rejoin automatically on running the first.

Thanks for the info, that makes me feel better :slight_smile: