Do I uninstall first?

Sorry, I know that this will have been answered a million times, but I’m just about to do an upgrade from Cubase 12 to 12.0.70. Do I uninstall Cubase 12 first or will the upgrade take care of that automatically?

you can update directly, you will not have 2 cubase 12, just the last version. And if you install like cubase 13 with cubase 12 or older, it will just install cubase 13 and you will have both

So it’s an update. If it’s an upgrade (like cubase12 elements to cubase 12 artist), I don’t remember if it keep both (I think yes both), but what is for sure, you can install direct the new one without uninstall the other.

If you’re not sure, install the new one first and check if the older is still there

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I’ve just tried to run the installer and now, apparently my .NET is out of date. The new one I downloaded is corrupt and Windows won’t let me load a slightly older one because it thinks the new one is installed. Blimey, why do I bleeding bother!!!
Anyway big thank you for your reply! That’s one question answered anyway.