Do inserts on Control room affect export speed?

Self explanatory title but I’m wondering if the inserts on the controls room affect the export speed?
I use mainly the supervision and waves VU, sometimes a tuner for instruments and synths tuning.

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I would assume not, because the control room is not in the signal path of the exported audio.
In general, plugins that don’t process audio but only use it to visualize the data (like meters and tuners etc) should pass the audio buffers straight through and have no discernible effect on the DSP threads.

But these plugins can consume CPU power, so if this is limited, it could speed up the render times a tiny bit, if you disable them.

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Thanks for your replies.

Sorry to hijack this topic, but regarding inserts on control room bus: I usually use supervision on my stereo master bus, but now I wonder if it makes any difference putting it on the control room bus… Where do you usually place metering plug-ins like Supervision?

The simple answer is: after the signal you want to visualize :wink:
Putting in somewhere in control room has the advantage that it is always there, regardless of the project. If you use some form of room or headphone correction plugins, it is of course advisable to put Supervision before those.

I keep the meters always in the control room , yes! Is available for every project.

But if this had an actual noticeable impact on a Project, then you’re already dancing waaaayyyy too close to the edge anyway.

I tend to use a simple rule. If something is intended to impact the mix then it belongs in the ‘mixer’ section and if it is intended to impact my listening experience while working on a Project then it belongs in the Control Room.

Lately I’ll often have a ‘dummy’ FX Track with a variety of meters on it. It doesn’t get routed anywhere. Then I can use a Track’s Sends to feed it a signal.