Do multiple CMC-QCs give you more than 8 knobs at once?

There are still a few QCs in the wild and I was thinking about snagging another one. Plugins often have more than 8 parameters, and I was wondering if the effect of additional QC units was additive.

For instance, the channel strip in 7.5 has compressor, gate, etc. If I could assign the knobs from two units, I could do more without having to mouse around.

Anyone have any experience with this, or thoughts on handling large numbers of parameters with a single QC?

I realize these things have gone the way of the dinosaurs (short of sprouting feathers), but they’re such great little devices.


QC is in principle restricted to 8 controls in general in Cubase. So it will not work like this.

But, you can use it as a common MIDI device(s), and then use it with Generic Remote Device for example.

Thanks, man. Appreciate the idea.