Do nearfields have to be listened to near field?

Hi - what will be the effect of listening to near fields from about 15 feet away?

My music room is temporarily unavailable, and so lately I’ve been working in the family room, mainly with cans. The only place I can put the nearfields would be on shelves, and they would need to be about 15 feet apart. They are Event TR8 XL’s. I can listen to them from an equilateral position.

What badness will happen listening-wise if I listen to them from that far away? 15 feet doesn’t seem exactly “near”!

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There will be a marked difference in the definition of your perceived sound stage, this in turn will have an effect on your translation, or better said, will mean you’ll need to compensate for in your mixes. Best to listen acutely to stuff you’ve already mixed, and or reference materials with the new configuration. The room will also have a much larger impact on your listening environment, so you may need to add some kind of treatment (e.g. absorbers, traps) you’ll need to be careful that the environment remains constant; moving funiture around, changing wall hangings etc. will all have a much greater impact, and more often than not detrimental - (Murphy’s Law you know)

Right, off I go then! Thanks so much, BriHar.

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They will no longer be near fields! Your room will play a far bigger part in the sound.

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Do nearfields have to be listened to near field?

Do headphones have to be listened to while on the head?

Gear should be used how it was intended, designed, and built.

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