Do new Pro Users get access to Dorico for iPad?

When I recently bought Dorico Pro 3.5 in December, I recall seeing that I got 1 year of access to the iPad version. I have not been able to find out how to activate this. Maybe I misunderstood and I am only eligible for the read only version for the iPad. There appears to be no way to log in with my Dorico sign-in on the iPad.

If anyone can help, I’d be grateful.

Are you sure? Maybe you’re thinking about Sibelius which does have some kind of deal like that, OTOH they have a subscription model AFAIK. All that I’ve seen is that Dorico iPad is a different product line with it’s own pricing/subscription model, and having desktop doesn’t confer extra benefits (personally I think it’s a good deal all around).

It was confusing. There was a chart on the benefits of Dorico Pro over Elements and one of the entries was 1 year of Dorico for iPad. It was confusing so maybe I misinterpreted.

Welcome to the forum, Tim! Dorico for iPad and your Dorico for desktop license are I’m afraid completely independent at present. Now that we are moving into the world of Steinberg Licensing we will have some new possibilities for this in the future.


Thanks for clarifying.


Owners of Win/Mac Dorico did get a benefit on iPad over the totally free version. Associating your iPad version with your Steinberg account would unlock a few features on the iPad version, just not as many as subscribing would.

If you sign in with your Steinberg ID, the limit on the number of players you can write for in your projects is increased from two to four, and this is completely free, so it’s worth taking advantage of this.