Do NOT import tempo information from older versions!


I just had a major problem with Cubase 9 crashing and making another save file that was called “Projectname”-01,-02 and so on. After this happened I could not open the projects in Cubase 9 any more. It said that this project was created in Cubase version 1.x and can not be opened.

A BIG thanks to Martin Jirsak who checked out my crash reports and suspected that it had something to do with tempo and time signature!

And that was the problem… I had imported signature and tempo track from a cubase 8.5 project…

What I did to fix it was to open it in 8.5, delete all tempo information and back it up to a new folder.

After that, Cubase 9 was stable again :slight_smile:

So just a heads up if you are planning on importing tempo information from older projects, DON’T do it yet :wink:


It’s not confirmed 100% reproducible bug yet. But I’m working on it.

No panic (yet), but be careful, please. :wink:

And if you can reproduce it, please inform me.

Does the problem still occur if, before deleting the Tempo/Time Signature from the C8.5 project, you Export the Tempo Track separately, then, having imported the (“tempo-less”) project into C9, you then import the Tempo Track?

Now, we know the exact cause of the crash.

To add to the data base: I have been working on a project for weeks without issues: 7.5.40 into 9.0.1, with multiple tempo changes and time signatures.

I know I did not “import” anything. Though I can’t remember clearly, I probably did an “Open with” C9.0.1 procedure on the old project.