Do not know if you have tried these new plug-in from Mr.Neve

Do not know if you have tried these new plug-in from Mr. Rupert Neve himself, if not then they’re incredibly good. I have UAD + Liquid Mix and I can easily say that they are the best I ever heard in the plug-in road! :smiley:

No I’m not working for Steinberg, Yamaha or Rupert himself, Just a sound engineer from Sweden with over 30 years in the business, yes that old to remember the analog world!

I know it costs a lot of money but if you think about what you get for your money then you’ll understand what I mean, almost as good as the original, and I mean incredibly close!

The EQ is like, fat. Shimmering and warm and without that bad “let’s make the whole sound change because of some high freq or low end boost”, you keep what you have plus or minus of your liking! And what a fat sitting duck, just looooove the fixed base around 60Hz, it’s like a basketball ball in the face…

The compressor requires some challenges, but after a while you get the incredible sound that clearly lets your mix fit together like a dream and fast. Metal, pop, country and so on … perfect match! It’s fat, or sums up your bus, you will love it… I do that’s for sure!

It’s free to try it yourself, hate it or love it it’s up to you! :wink:

Me, I love it by far :slight_smile:
Six String Studio

Are they CPU friendly?

Aloha S,

I have heard them in action with several different styles of music
and I must say that they are right up there with Massenberg or SSL
or Waves stuff.

That being said, IMHO the prices are outrageous
but I guess if you want the best you just have to pay for it.

Oh and enjoy but be mindful with the trial because once you
hear/use this stuff, it is hard to go back.


Which is why I never trial anything I can’t afford anyway, why would I make it harder for myself :sunglasses:

emote: jmc places tin foil hat firmly on head …

Nothing like a first post sales pitch to introduce yourself in a completely unbiased way to the community!

Did you ever see Pulp Fiction?

“That’s a good shake! It’s not worth $5, but it is a good shake”

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and I fell for it. Ma bad.

Well, thank you! :neutral_face:

The OP had already stablished that one can try these plugins out for free. Hopefully you don’t mind me asking a simple question before trying out a product I don’t know anything about, do you? Geez, not everyone is willing to install everything they encounter to their system.

I tried the demo… I bought them… can’t live without them now. But I am an old man from the analogue days!


Yes, that´s why I quoted the OP…

Of course I don´t…

Hi Mikael,

thanks very much for your comments on the Rupert Neve plug-ins. Indeed we’ve spend many efforts (Neve-Yamaha-Steinberg) to make them sound as they do. That’s also the reason why we got very good feedback from the public and in reviews. The VCM technology, which has been constantly improved in the past years, made it possible to exactly reproduce the analog circuits from the hardware originals.

Of course, the development has been extremly expensive (and that’s why the plug-ins are not cheap) but as you wrote, it definitely pays off.

Thanks again and have fun with the RND’s! :slight_smile: