'Do not put time signatures on individual staves when using large time signatures' preference?

Is there one? I’m using large time signatures, and therefore don’t want any time signatures on individual instruments at all.

I’d like to remove this redundant time signature from the synthesizer staves, but can’t seem to work out how.

Thank you!

Agreed. If I use large time signatures, I do not want all time signatures the same large size, omitted (by adjusting Engraving or Layout Options) if they would overlap other time signatures.

Set ‘Instruments between brass and strings’ to ‘Treat as single bracket’ on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options.

Thank you. This is very helpful.

I hope some day we will be able to put one large time signature just in the top bracket of the score rather than in every bracket or at a system object position. I have seen this in some scores and like the look.