Do Not See SpectraLayers One in Pro 11

I am not seeing the Extension for SpectraLayers One in Pro 11 (see attached)
Per a Video, it should show under Extension, which I don’t see. Do I have to install or it comes with Pro 11

Go to your Steinberg Download Assistant. Open the SpectraLayers tab and download/install the Pro 7 version. That’s what I did after a wasted day trying to figure out how to get the SpectraLayers ONE version to show up. I don’t own the Pro 7 version but after installation I have SpectraLayers in my extensions. It works great! Steinberg really should have just made it automatically built into Cubase Pro 11 or at least made it clear how to install it since there is no SpectraLayers ONE version in the downloader.

Thanks, that’s what I ended up doing. Agree, should have been automatic or better instructions, for new to Cubase guys

By way of observation
There was a separate install in the full list of Cubase 11 files on my latest version of download assistant. (The version which shows the prompt about entering a download code on the top left (a change to licensing procedures to which I have found nothing referenced officially other than via complaint posts in the forum).
Looking at all the Forum posts which seem to show a multitude of internet or server reliability issues currently I wouldn’t be surprised if some file downloads go missing for some users.


Hoy ,

Hier hetzelfde probleem,
Ik heb uw instructies ook uitgevoerd met download assistent,
en het werkt!

Hartelijk bedankt!

Thanks! - you just saved me from the same headache.