Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver.

Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver. STAY AWAY!

Stay at NVIDIA 344.65!

You will get “MAC grey graphic” and headache in a hour working. Its over all a grey sheen noticeable by anyone that you can’t fix no matter what you do.

I have really crystal clear 2x 30# Samsung monitors and ASUS NVIDIA 640GT 2GB RAM. Anyone that visit my studio are amazed of my setup. Normally its stunning graphic, looks beautiful crystal clear graphic and vivid colors. Now after installing the 344.75 driver update its like I need glasses and Mac dull colors?

I have checked and all the gaming people that has update are furious.
All kinds of other issues and errors. Some even experience “blue screens” crash- death after install!

I will go back to NVIDIA 344.65 driver now.

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I’m using 344.65. Thanks for the warning. I’ll wait for another update.

I’m still on 340.52

Thx !

There really is no need to update your graphics drivers at all if you’re not playing modern games and have no problems.

I’m always interested in your reports regarding GPU drivers, so if anyone is having problems, please reply here.

I have an nVidia 520 GT here and 344.75 works just fine (had Cubase running in cycle on a mid-sized mixing project for over 5 hours now). But different GPUs might behave differently.

Thank you all and have a nice week-end.

Spot On ! :bulb:

I had major issues before with updates with 2 duel 32 inch monitors.

I will keep the old drivers till end of time

No problem on my screen after updating to 344.75.
Looks the same as before.

Haven’t you all that update notice the greyish compare before? Color less?
There are even videos on You Tube about this.

Anyhow, anyone how are interesting can check the Internet themselves. Many experience major problems… :wink:
Just friendly heads up! :slight_smile:

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I definitely noticed a ‘dulling’ of colours BUT that several versions back, however it’s been ok for me with 344.75 (and the previous update). I suspect it may depend on which card you have installed.

Seriously, on Windows I always update because who wants lagging explorer Windows and a Start menu that won’t show on time.

Take the recommendation with a grain of salt because YMMV

I haven’t updated drivers since I built my machine. That has to be a few years at this point in time. Bare in mind, this machine is a studio-only machine. It is used for absolutely nothing else. It is predictable and runs great. IMO, If it ain’t broke and your system runs good, don’t mess with it unless something forces you to. Then, image the drive and do what needs to be done. If you brick it, is an easy process to restore back to its original state.

If you’re using Vista and above, Windows employs self-healing so “ain’t broke don’t fix” doesn’t apply.

So, you are saying windows self-healing affects GPU drivers?

No. Those are always Optional Updates.

ok. That’s what I thought. I don’t know a lot about it, but I thought it just had to do with the file system.

No difference here on a 670 card, same colors. But running intense GPU calculations for an hour and ended up with a green screen (hard crash). Does not happen with the older driver, I’m going back


Have same GC and a two-monitor set-up.

So far no problems with latest NVidia graphic driver.


Someone else said…

Guys, something I have experienced with WHQL drivers…NEWER isn’t always BETTER. As you can see from the multiple driver issues causing BSOD’s in this thread, they haven’t properly gone through Quality Assurance with each recent model of their cards (500 series to 900 series). They probably took a look at their sales chart and optimized it for their most successfully sold graphics cards, with the most common types of RAM, Hard Drives, and Motherboards taken from other statistics.

If you would like to avoid Blue Screens from any WHQL drivers, in my experience, wait for Microsoft to officially release the drivers on their Windows Update service. At that time it has been approved by Windows and optimized to not cause crashes. I remember 2 months or so ago I was using a Day 1 new driver and was getting BSODS and freezes all the time. I downgraded to an older working driver, and then a week or so later I saw the new driver for update on Windows update. It worked perfectly.
Using day one drivers from a company who is trying to provide a service to gaming companies like Ubisoft, Blizzard and a couple others specifically in a driver usually indicates that you should wait until a WHQL Certified comes out as a patch–not for a specific game.

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I had to turn off automatic updates because they are too large and there is a bunch of stuff you don’t need such as 3D but when I tried the custom update feature, it really screwed things up. I don’t think I will update it again. It seems to work fine.