Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver.


i am pretty shure that since i updated my graficcard to a gtx970 (for use with two 4k monitors) my cubae 7.5.30
or cubase 8 are crashing in the same way.

if you copy audio/audioinst./midi parts in the arrange window, cubase is crashing. the time till its crashing is
random it seems.

the crashlooks like: audio hangs in a short loop. if you don´t kill the task in time the mouse movement takes ages
to move, all slows down really strange. and you have to restart the mashine.

i didn´t use older drivers since the drivers are fixing some stuff for the gtx970.

sadly no crash dumps are generated!

i have win 7 (64bit) on a intel i7-4930k , 16gb ram asus sabertooth x79 , gigabyte gtx970. all drivers new, system works flawless.

Windows 7 and upwards are quite stable systems, there is no need to go against the flow anymore since beyond Windows XP you are free.

Let the system do its’ job.

In this regard all you need do is remove update files from the Software Distribution folder and there are guides for that, or use Wise Disk Cleaner to “slim down” your system; otherwise both Nvidia and ATI each allow clean installs or have utilities to remove previous drivers.

If you are really concerned, you can remove shadow drivers from the windows driver database, by opening a CMD prompt and typing as follows:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1


Check Show Hidden Devices when the Microsoft Management Console appears and you can delete old and redundant drivers but be careful not to remove certain drivers in Non-Plug and Drivers and System Devices

I don’t need newer NVIDIA drivers. They never seem to improve anything and I suspect the true purpose is to install spyware on you. Don’t buy the hype. They keep giving you 3D drivers and nobody is using 3D. When the hell will they realize this? Update it only if there is a problem.

That’s not quite true, it’s not to install spyware but to improve performance in newly released video games. As this is of no concern to you whatsoever you’re right in sticking with a working driver though.

So miss out on any performance increases in the process.

Granted, immediately updating things can sometimes lead to problems, for example:

but mostly you can roll/fall back to an earlier version.

It is a double-edged sword but I for one will not be a Luddite about this.


I prefer to let Windows update drivers, as they tend to not be the full bloatware-loaded official versions available from the makers.

However, on my DAW boot, I do not allow ANY automatic updates, whereas my general purpose boot is auto all the way.

which driver version works the best now ?

has anybody tried to uninstall Nvidea drivers completely and run the internal Low Latency driver with Cubase 8 ?

Had them mess up my computer twice recently. I don’t know why they keep updating so frequently. They never used to do that or it wasn’t connected to Microsoft Updates before I guess. The 3D thing is a huge download and most people don’t want or need it. They should have to go to the website for that.