Do not use Nuendo 13.0.40 (Windows) with SpectraLayers 10 ARA, upgrade to 13.0.41

There’s an issue with Nuendo 13.0.40 (Windows) whose an internal component conflicts with SpectraLayers 10 in ARA mode.
If you already installed Nuedo 13.0.40 on Windows, fully uninstall it and then install Nuendo 13.0.30.

Nuendo 13.0.40 on macOS, Cubase 13.0.40 on Windows and Cubase 13.0.40 on macOS are not affected. The upcoming SpectraLayers 11 is not affected as well.


Will there be a Nuendo 13.0.41 to fix this issue, or is it too soon to know?

@David_W I’ve heard there will be a 13.0.41 coming soon !


Why don’t you conduct compatibility tests for your own software? Up to now, SpectraLayers remains a major cause of crashes in Nuendo. I almost thought it was an issue with Windows and nearly reinstalled my system.

Nuendo 13.0.41 was released just now and it should fix the SpectraLayers ARA issue.

Indeed, 13.0.41 fixes that issue !

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Yes indeed, then how come my project crashed 3 times today everytime after using Spectralayers in ARA mode? I’ve managed to finish the project on time only because I’ve switched to RX for edits. Something is not quite yet with Spectralayers. Don’t trust it…and with tight schedule with projects, I simply don’t have time for shaking over is it gona crash or not and endless restarts.
Greetings :slight_smile:

It’s likely that the issues you had are not related at all to the issue that was mentioned here, but you did not provide any context nor reports regarding the crash ? Hard to help you without any context here.

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Thanks for the response…I didn’t ask for help. I just pointed out that the topic is marked as solved, when in fact Nuendo 13.0.41 doesn’t run smoothly with SpectraLayers 11 in ARA. Hope it’s gona be fixed soon…that’s all :wink:

The incompatibility issue mentioned in the first post was fixed with patch 13.0.41 - if you found other causes for crash, please describe your computer configuration, step by step to repro the crash, and upload crash reports for analysis so that it can be eventually fixed in an upcoming patch. Thanks !