do part layouts track position changes in score layout?

I notice that when I move a breath mark in the full score in Engrave Mode, the layout for the part in question does not track that change; changing the position of an object in the full score layout does not appear to move the same object in the part layout.

This could get very tedious very fast. Is there a planned fix, or am I doing something incorrectly?

Adjustments you make in each layout in Engrave mode are completely independent, so that you have complete flexibility over the appearance of each full score and each instrumental part. Perhaps the kind of edit you want to make would be better made in Write mode, though the set of tools for adjusting the rhythmic position of items in Write mode is certainly incomplete at the moment (you’re basically limited to cut/paste, or using Shift+Alt+left/right arrow to lengthen or shorten notes, hairpins, etc.).