Do people think this is a bug?

This behaviour has been around for decades, but to me its counterintuitive. It affects a few windows in Cubase.

Take for example, the VST Connections panel, or the Preferences Panel.

Lets say you create a preset and call it ‘my pref’ and save it. You then save either a template, or the project.

In both cases your settings load correctly, but when you look at the panel to find the words ‘my prefs’ (in the little black box), they are not there, there is nothing to tell you that you are now using ‘my pref’ instead of any other settings. If you have two settings ‘pref 1’ and ‘pref 2’ you wont be able to tell which one you are using.

It seems to me that upon reopening your project, it should tell you.

It’s a small bug, but it does blindside the users


Thanks for posting this, it has been on my mind lately as well.

I’ve also noticed that 3rd party preset names do show up in the box, at least the ones I used the other night.

Agree this is annoying. Related I wish that when you go to save a preset it didn’t just ask for a name for the preset. Instead it would be better to have a file save style dialog box where you could see the names of existing presets and overwrite them if you want, or give it a totally new name.

Currently feels a bit like driving with your eyes closed :cry:

put a post in Issues. Waiting for approval.