Do Polls Exist

Do Polls Exist?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m Polish

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Well Do They?

I refuse to be drawn on this. This is exactly the kind of thing that dragged the old forum down.

I will not debate you on the existence, or non-existence of polls, because surely, my faith in the existence of polls is a personal thing, and I’m not getting into the whole proof vs faith argument here.

Needless to say that if there were definitive proof of the existence of polls, I would of course have to vote “Yes” otherwise, my faith that they might is comfort enough for me.

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Send me perogie. :mrgreen:


Due to uncertainty surrounding the question I’ve changed the options.

You can now select any two options, thus both yes and no are possible at the same time.

This seems fairer as neither state can be known without effecting the other!!!

What does it sound like when a poll fall in the middle of the forest with only one hand? :ugeek:

You’ve Split the forum with this one. :blush:


Moved to the in-Nuendo forum

It’s in your mind!

Which is probably a good sign!

I chose no to break the 5-5-5 tie. No wins!


I chose yes and I’m polish to even it back out. :mrgreen:

Ever heard of the D16 group?

Awesome drum plugs check 'em out!

Voted for all three:


Voted for all three:


Voted for all three:


I didn’t get that the first three times, Jan. Wanna try it again? :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: Due to the server problems last night

Now look what you’ve done…

You have created a paradox, thus threatening the existence of Polls everwhere!

That is if they ever existed in the first place…

To poll or not to poll…