Do some 3rd party plugins - intermittently - struggle/fail in the project load?

In my template, I have some hefty channels pre-setup with some hefty plugins.

All the plugins are hard disabled, but nonetheless, these channels still take the longest to load on project load.

Intermittently, the program seems to get stuck on loading these specific channels and just hangs indefinitely. Opening up task manager shows Cubase ‘Not Responding’. Sometimes, it unlocks itself, but mostly just gets permanently stuck.

Again, this is intermittent - I would say, %15-%30 chance.

Once it occurs, I usually have to restart the computer, in order to get a retry to get all the way through the project load.

-Could it be a specific plugin?
-Could it be that the time it’s taking to load the channel is causing some sort of timeout? software validation or just a general loss of loading orientation?
-memory/cpu problem?


Most probably it is, I would say.

I don’t think so. I’m not aware of something like this in Cubase.

Could be. I would recommend to test the system.

I’ve noticed a little ‘funkiness’ in the VST. If third party like MIDI Guitar 2 you have to be patient when choosing VST’s and sometime choose different instruments. Why? I think it’s ‘funk’ issues with computers?