Do steinberg ever actually help anyone on here?


Can’t help but notice the tumbleweed rolling through this forum. Users have issues but no response at all? Is this normal??

It’s not normal to me, but it is the case

it’s a bit worrying,- i’ve just bought my second steinberg interface and it’s a bit disconcerting to see them not seemingly interacting on their forums.

I know and agree. Luckily for me my UR816C does a fine job, but could be improved on some points.

Sometimes they get their answers in another section of the forum.

What’s your question?

well, there’s the bug I found,- be nice to see some feedback on that and to know if that’s being fixed?

Then there’s everybody elses questions on here. It literally feels abandoned - which is worrying.

Can you reply with a link to that post?

I edited the title to maybe make it more obvious and immediate, did you open a ticket with support?

no I didn’t open a ticket - I assumed support would be offered on the support forum.

While staff do participate, this is not official tech-support. A tech support system provides for opening cases and tracking them inside the company, whereas this is a more casual method for people to discuss and assist with Steinberg products and services- meaning users helping users, for the most part.

ok thanks for letting me know - maybe the forum should have a header with that disclaimer?

Well considering this is Steinbergs own official forum it is not unreasonable for users of Steinbergs products to expect that staff from Steinberg would be active in here. I do feel that they need to step up their game as many other DAWs etc are becoming more popular than Cubase.

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