I have recently purchased Wavelab 7 elements and have had nothing but trouble trying to get the thing to run-I managed to install,set up the Elcc lisence and the software worked for about a day.
I have contacted support who basically ignored any mails I sent until I said I wanted a refund-They replied to this one stating I cannot have a refund because the software has been activated and have I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software???

I sent an email back to them stating I have done and it does not work,I went on to say ok do not refund me but at least tell me how to totally remove this software from my machine as I can see chunks of it even though I have uninstalled it using windows uninstall.-Steinberg have not replied.

I’m sorry for your bad experience, but I can assure you Elements is not a toy and never caused me trouble.
Try to explain here on the forum what’s wrong with it, there 's a lot of people ready to help.

Hi Marco,
I cannot get the software to start.
I start the setup and it looks like it is installing and I can see the files being copied to my hard drive then after it has finished copying the files I get the web page where you select your natonality and register product and that is as far as I get.

Hopefully your trouble goes away with the soon to be released 7.1 update.

Hello ppgwave23,

The “PG” who answered you after my post is the Author of the program itself, so as you can see on this forum there’s much consideration for Wavelab customers. As PG said, verson 7.1 is about to be released, it’s just a few days away…
I understand your feelings :imp: !!, but please wait these few days, it’s worth it.
My best

I actually don’t think it is an issue with the program.I think it is an issue with the elisence software which is just a pain in the backside.I can actually see in Ellc that the lisence is active but I get no further than the install of the software.There is no icon for the waves7 elements and I get to the website were you authorise the product and thats it.The irony is someone who downloads a cracked copy gets to use it for free and without all the hassle of the ELLC software-No wonder there is so much piracy around.
I wish Steinberg would just refund my money so I can buy a different bit of software because in all honesty I regret giving them my custom now and would rather spend my money with a company who’s support actually cares about its customers.
Steinbergs customer support sucks ass through a straw,it is terrible.
The only time they contacted me was when I stated I wanted a refund-shockingly bad.

For Wavelab support - THIS is the place to be. Not saying it’s okay that the other channels don’t work for you - but Wavelab has the best (and unique) support anyone could wish for in this forum. The developer himself (PG) is very active here and if you care to state your trouble in some detail here, there are many users also willing to chime in. In your case as an example, it is crucial to know what OS you work on. Good luck with whichever software you chose, but forget about getting better support than here.

Luck, Arjan

Seems to be an activation issue. Maybe you went through the activation process more than once. As you know, on your MySteinberg account you can reactivate your copy of Wavelab (go to activation/reactivation). You need to insert your old activation code and the number of your eLicenser. You will be given a new activation code to be inserted in your eLicenser to obtain a full license.

Thanks Marco,I will give it a try.Tahnks again.