Do Stop/Play/Record buttons have MIDI commands for an external MIDI controller?

I just set up a template in Maschine for my Maschine 3 controller so can now do my playing from the controller. Trouble is, it’s a bit difficult to use without the transport buttons. The Maschine 3 has programmable transport buttons, just like with the drum pads so I’m set to go that end. So can anyone advise how to map these so that I can play the stand alone version of Groove Agent 5 completely from Maschine?

Try this video:

Maschine in Cubase setup 2022

OK thanks. Cubase was on my list so I’ll go check that out.

Sorry, got a little ahead of myself on that. I’ve never tried Groove Agent standalone with Maschine so afraid I can’t be of too much help.