Do the CMC controllers work?

Have you early 9ers been able to assert that the CMC controllers retain their full operability in the new Cubase? Thanks.

Good question. Given they still work in 8.5 I didn’t even consider they’d lose functionality in 9, but I guess it is a valid question.

I just had a short look. It works! :slight_smile:

I can confirm that all my 9 cmc controllers work: AI, 4 x FD, CH, QC, TP and PD.

My TP works fine, settings carried over, good right out of the box…

Well that is a relief, thanks much all!

Hi! Anyone can tell me if the CMC series work with Sierra?
I’m wondering since the latest Hardware Compatibility Information (from November) said it was being tested and no Tools update has been released for the CMC series yet.