Do the "Inserts" and "Strip" section in Cubase affect what is sent to an FX bus when using "Send"?

If I have a vocal track and want to send this to an FX bus but I have compression and EQ applied to the vocal on my inserts section and EQ on the channel strip. Will the processed vocal signal be sent when I activate “Send” or will the dry signal coming into the channel be sent?


The Sends are after the Pre, the Inserts and the Strip. You can set the Sends Pre-/Post fader.

THanks Martin. Is it possible to send the signal after the pre but before the inserts? so Lets say I have a compressor as an insert but I want to send the uncompressed signal to the FX bus.


Please, follow this thread.

Ok so it will work if I use the insert on the post fader insert slots (the last two) but then I have to set the send to post fader right?

pre-fader sends
Pre-fader sends are also PRE INSERT if the inserts are after the green line.

Why not just reverse the order? Have the initial track dry and send copy of the signal to another channel where you use inserts?

Good question, and the answer is: I don’t know… I was just trying to learn the signal flow in Cubase :slight_smile:

In Cubase you can move the green line anywhere you want. So all your inserts could come after the green line if you want. So do that, set your send to pre-fader, and you’re rock and roll.