Do they hear us at all?

Will automation in Cubasis be fixed? it is simply impossible to work with it, there is no zero position. Ghost notes, slide notes, new synthesizers (android) A drum machine that will work with user one shots, and the fact that the mini-sampler does not work with user samples if you do not save the preset is generally ridiculous.

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  1. Ithink cubasis is a steinberg side project and there is no decicated dev team that works around clock on it. It feels like there is 1 (part time) bug fixer and they have a team working on it 1 month per year that implents all new features in the next version (cubasis 4).

2.the way the mini sampler works is the same a video editors.
You cannot edit vids unless you open a project and the original vid always is preserved in its original state. (To ensure undo’s and preserve quality)

  1. I think Lars is a community manager and has little to none influence nor the capacity to answer indepth questions.he can only give us the info thats given to him.
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Hi @Michael_Martys,

Thank you for your message.
Do you use Cubasis for iOS or Android?

Below please find a collection of links leading to various automation and MiniSampler tutorials. While these have been produced using Cubasis for iOS, the steps are mostly similar on Android (of course, except for features shown which are unavailable on Android).

Please let me know if these tutorials are of help for you to resolve your current issues.


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Create Custom Instruments with MiniSampler

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