Do we finally will have the following in Cubase 12 Pro?

Hello Cubase team and especially @Matthias_Quellmann and @Armand,
I hope you are all doing well! :slight_smile:
I would like to ask about some things that I and many other people expect in Cubase 12 Pro:

  1. Triplet and Dotted Grid in the Audio Editor(Things that must have been there decades ago)
  2. Multi-Track Free Warping directly in the Timeline, just like in Pro Tools
  3. Event Volume Envelope Line at 0dB it should be at the center of the Event, just like the Clip Gain in Pro Tools(Another thing that had to be there years ago)
  4. Finally fully functional and working HiDPI integration(if your Windows PC is at 125% DPI and Cubase is at -25% DPI, the plugin window container cannot handle plugins that doesn’t support HiDPI like Kush Audio and Amplitube) Also it has problems with the bar grids. Probably Cubase was the first DAW that started the integration of HiDPI, and it will be the last to complete it…
  5. Advanced Quantize Panel that is competitive to Beat Detective, which is available in Pro Tools
  6. Some serious steps into real-time synchronization between Cubase and Dorico

Thank you very much in advance for your time and replies! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Agreed that 1, 2, 3 and 5 are favourite requests of many for a long time now… but, more patience needed; I don’t think we’ll see any of that happen in C12. They’ve just been too busy on other stuff for this cycle… (licensing…)

Maybe see some improvements at 4.

As for 6, I wouldn’t expect further Dorico/Cubase sync for now. We’ve been told numerous times that’s coming later.


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Hi @Puma0382,
Well Matthias promised that some of the features from 1 - 3 will be available in the next major release, which had to be 11.5, but since it was postponed, and there is no release date for version 12. They have enough time to add more of them.
For the 4, Armand once told that they are working on it, but already few updates were released since his statement, and still nothing improved in that direction. How many years have to pass until the HiDPI is finally fully functional?! In Studio One it was completed for the time of one major version release. In Cubase already two full major releases were made since the introduction of the HiDPI, and still this option is useless.
I really hope to for version 12 to see essential things that must have been integrated many years ago, and no more tools that makes Cubase attractive to non musically educated people.
About the 6, the team behind Dorico already told that they are also working on bringing Dorico and Cubase more closer to each other. They didn’t share any details, but such statement makes the people to expect some integration between both apps in their next generation.
On the other side there is another trend that is very noticeable. The team behind Cubase releases Surveys for important improvements and new features, and they have the bad habit not to follow it.
After the new release is available just very few of the most requested things are there, some less requested and many other things that weren’t part of the Surveys… The Surveys must be mandatory for the team, otherwise they are pointless.
In comparison, the team behind Dorico don’t provide surveys, some of them are in everyday contact with the users on the forum and the app follow the good balance between the team’s visions and the requests of the users. We all know what to expect at the end from these guys. Something very important for this business! :slight_smile:
With all my respect, but unfortunately this is not valid for the team behind Cubase… They create surveys, which are not mandatory for them. They share the results from the surveys. They are very rarely available here on the forum. At the end we are getting something very different from what was requested… Which means there is no balance between the team’s view on the software and the users needs.

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:



7-Unlimited cues LIKE STUDIO ONE

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+1 I really need triplet grid in Audio Editor, it’s so common in blues-rock and jazz.

In addition, I have a very small feature request: in several dialogs, e.g. when I choose the root note of a chord in the chord editor, the choices are presented with flats and sharps mixed randomly. This is confusing for both, users with and without music theory background. If a trained musician works on a song say in the key of D, then it makes no sense to choose Db as chord root, it should be C#. And untrained musicians may have difficulties to translate between these two. So I’d like to be able to choose whether notes are presented using sharps or flats.

Thank you for consideration

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Hi Thurisaz,

well first of all thank you very much for your constructive message.

Regarding the HiDPI integration, I agree that there’s still room for improvement here… als therefore frustration. As you pointed out it’s a long and tedious process that we all wished hadn’t taken so long. Fact is: it is not easy to balance our budget between the development of other highly-wanted features, and the complexity of having to revamp our entire GUI assets and make our app scalable in any resolution available on this marker (that combined with a lot of legacy 3rd part plugins we have no grab on).

There will be as per usual, more or less sporadic and iterative improvements in Cubase’s GUI throughout the versions. Effort hasn’t been stopped, that’s for sure.
Regarding VST plugins, I would answer pretty much the same. There’s an option to allow HiDPI-Unaware VST plugins’ window to be declared as such so that Window scale them natively. Contrary to popular belief, all our latest tests show that Cubase is not the most unstable/glitchy DAW on the market in this regard. For the rest, I would suggest you write a pm (or another thread) with the list of non-functional plugins, with screenshots / videos. Along with your current display settings on Windows. We will check this out case by case soon :slight_smile:


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Agree that ALL of your points are sorely needed. I’d usually be picking 1 out of another user list but each one of these would be a workflow game-changer



Zdravstvuyte! yesli chestno, menya vso ustraivayet v Cubase 11Pro, i vso, chto napisano vyshe, dlya menya ne tak vazhno, ya dumayu pravil’neye prosit’ to, chto boleye global’noye, dlya raboty v novom Cubase 12Pro! A imenno! 1) Uluchshit’ VariAudio 3 sdelat’ kak v Melodyne Studio 5, vsego lish’ nekotoryye funktsii, a imenno Pitch Drift tools, ochen’ khoroshaya shtuka, osobenno kogda na dlinnykh notakh vokalist, to zavyshayet, to zanizhayet notu, na vsey dlitel’nosti, i ne chego rezat’ ne nado, prosto vso srazu vyravnivayetsya ideal’no))) Polyphonic Algorithm, ochen’ chasto nuzhna eto funktsiya, osobenno kogda gitarist sygral, chto to ne to v akkorde, dubl’ khorosh, i perepisyvat’ vso iz za odnoy noty ne okhota, etot rezhim by ochen’ vyruchil))) Sibilant Balace Tool, tozhe khoroshaya shtuka, i bol’she vsego okhota, chto by bylo kak v Melodyne, kogda vyravnivayesh’ notu, simbilyanty na eto ne reagirovali, i ne zvuchali s artefaktom posle vyravnivaniye, khotya ikh mozhno obrezat’, kak delalos’ ran’she v Melodyne, no oni zhe kak to eto ispravili!, bylo by khorosho, yesli i vy eto popravite!))). Nu i na posledok ReVoice Pro, u vas yest’ ne plokhoy vyravnivatel’ po vremeni frazy, no bylo by yeshcho luchshe, yesli sdelali vyravnivaniye po vysote tona kak v ReVoice Pro 4! YA dumayu eto ochen’ vazhno dlya mnogikh muzykantov, i yesli vy eto sdelayete v Cubase 12Pro, to ya by byl gotov zaplatit’ polnuyu summu za Cubase 12Pro, dazhe ne obnovlyayas’ po skidke!))). Ochen’ zhdu vashego otveta, vozmozhno li eto sdelat’ v Cubase 12Pro?



1 456 / 5 000

Результаты перевода

Hello! To be honest, everything suits me in Cubase 11Pro, and everything that is written above is not so important for me, I think it would be more correct to ask for something more global to work in the new Cubase 12Pro! Namely! 1) Improve VariAudio 3 to do as in Melodyne Studio 5, just some functions, namely Pitch Drift tools, is a very good thing, especially when on long notes the vocalist either overstates or lowers the note, for the entire duration, and there is nothing to cut, it just aligns perfectly at once) )) Polyphonic Algorithm, this function is very often needed, especially when the guitarist played something wrong in the chord, the take is good, and you don’t want to rewrite everything because of one note, this mode would really help out))) Sibilant Balace Tool, also good thing, and most of all hunting, what would it be like in Melodyne, when you align a note, symbilants did not react to this, and did not sound with an artifact after alignment, although they can be cut off, as was done before in Melodyne, but they somehow fixed it !, it would be nice if you correct it too!))). And lastly, ReVoice Pro, you have a not bad phrase time aligner, but it would be even better if you did the pitch alignment like in ReVoice Pro 4! I think this is very important for many musicians, and if you do it in Cubase 12Pro, then I would be willing to pay the full amount for Cubase 12Pro without even upgrading at a discount!))). Looking forward to your reply, is it possible to do this in Cubase 12Pro?

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@aan1982, приветик!
Everything written in the first comment is far more important than the improvement of VariAudio 3.
Cubase still missing essential things that had to be there by default, or at least decade ago, but they are not there.
You can always use Melodyne, or ReVoice Pro if you need something more powerful than VariAudio.
Yes, I agree that VariAudio needs serious improvements, but since there are plugins that can be used, it could wait a little bit.
Since you find the things mentioned above not so important, then you are not experienced DAW user…
The missing of the mentioned in the fist comment things puts Cubase behind Pro Tools and Studio One when it comes to audio editing. The improvements of the VariAudio would not change this situation.

С уважение,

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A lot can already be achieved with the enhanced VariAudio Smart Controls; I use them all the time. Can’t get good results without them frankly. They are very powerful/flexible in combination… See here for detail:-
Smart Controls (

‘Polyphonic’ capable…? Only a dream, that may happen in a far distant future… :wink:

But, Sibilance and Breath detection/control like Melodyne Studio 5 introduced - now that is a marvel to see working and would make a very useful/elegant feature addition to the VA toolbox (sooner the better please…)

But this is all hijacking @Thurisaz original post, even more - I’ll stop, my apologies.!

Since you find the things mentioned above not so important, you are not an experienced DAW user …
What are you saying))) are you more experienced?))) I have been working professionally for over 20 years since Cubase VST 3.7, in parallel I also work in almost all other programs, since people can send me projects for mixing, mastering, and moreover, all sessions from different programs where they work, that’s why you have to work with many programs, and know them very well!))) Namely, such programs as Cubase PRO, Nuendo, Pro Tools HD, Lodgic PRO, and beyond I will not list, since there are a lot of them))). But what you have written above is not important to me at all, maybe you use it, for God’s sake, for me there are much more important functions that will speed up my work, and what I want to see in the new version of Cubase PRO 12! )))

Well, then just open another topic and make separate request for the things that are important to you.
This topic was created strictly to the things I mentioned in the first comment.
And learn how to behave respectfully to the other’s requests! :slight_smile: Forget about:

This is very disrespectful approach to request something, while ignoring what the others find important for them. Ну для меня все понятно, русский мужик, что еще могу сказать… :wink: Будь здоров! :slight_smile:


Agreed with the OP on all points.

Lots of hijackers here though wow

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I’ve used Cubase since Atari ST days but would love to see some mixer themes as some of the reaper ones make me a bit jealous

Multi-Track Free Warping directly in the Timeline would be so cool, I’ve wanted that for a while but I’ve settled for the new overlay they added to variaudio where you can see other selected tracks underneath in the vari audio editor.

Triplet and Dotted Grid in the Audio Editor YES PLZZZZZ. I don’t know why that’s not there… it’s absolutely annoying to not be able to change the grid size in the editor, especially when you’re working with triplets lol

The problem with Reapers themes is most of them look hideous . Some simple variations like StudioOne has would be cool though with Cubase

I disagree. The issue is that many look amazing, but the most offensive areas of the UI are… not themable.

So, I could never really address the things that bother me most about the application UI.

The result is that you improve the less offensive areas, but the same issues remain.

Hi @shanabit,
By the way, Studio One offers only color theme changes. Actually Cubase offers that, too.
In my personal opinion for version 12 they have to focus more on fixing bugs, the things I had mentioned in my first comment and workflow & performance improvements.
One of the key improvements for Cubase 12 will be the some serious steps into bringing it and Dorico more closer to each other. The current MIDI import of Dorico is super powerful tool, but not enough, and it works in a single direction.
The Score Editor in Cubase must be replaced by the “Setup”,“Write”, “Engrave”(limited) and “Print” modes. Actually the whole Dorico Elements, but with unlimited staves/tracks should be integrated. The Condensing feature also should be there. :slight_smile:
The guy who created the Score Editor and support it, with all my respect, could continue his work in integration and supporting Dorico Score Editor in Cubase. I’m pretty sure that his knowledge and experience will be needed in this area. :slight_smile: But wasting time and resources on the most outdated Score Editor on the market is just a crime, while at the same time the company owns such a powerful tool as Dorico…
Some automatic bidiretional way to transfer Expression Maps between Dorico and Cubase is needed, too.
Currently it is possible to import Cubase E.Ms. into Dorico (at the moment EMs. from Dorico cannot be imported into Cubase), but after that pain comes to make them work fine, because two main reasons:

  1. The Expression Maps feature in Cubase does not contain the whole variety of articulation and techniques symbols and texts. Most of the people who create E.M. sets don’t even assign the symbols and texts. When they are imported into Dorico they don’t match most of the things.
  • In this area the Expression Maps in Cubase must become identical to the ones in Dorico.
    This was already done in Studio One’s Articulation Variations.
  1. They follow different logic:
  • The most comfortable practice in Cubase is to have separate MIDI tracks per articulation groups e.g.: Longs, Shorts, Effects… For this purpose the Expression Map sets creators, like Art Conductor, make separate files one for Longs, one for Shorts and one for Effects…
  • Dorico on the other side follows the “Real Life” logic “One(or section of) instrument/s - One Staff - All Articulations and Techniques”.
  • In Cubase the Expression Map file should also become a single and applicable to a multiple tracks, just like in Dorico and Studio One. In Studio One once the Articulation Variations file is imported it’s a global and preserved (no need to load it for every project), after that you can decide which logic you would like to follow, whether the “Real Life”, or separate MIDI tracks per Articulation Groups.

I even did a feature request in the Dorico subforum about a portable tool that will allow us to convert Expression Maps from multiple files, to singular and vice versa:
Cubase <-> Dorico multiple expression map files editor & converter
The truth is that the Expression Maps must be completely redesigned to work the same way as it works in Dorico and similarly to Studio One’s Articulation Variations.
Such converter will be needed, too, especially for Expression Maps creators like Art Conductor, who have produced around 8000 sets. Recreating them from scratch will be a killing task.

I hope @Matthias_Quellmann and @Ben_at_Steinberg are keeping eyes on this topic!
If you do. Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

What should be the “First Step” into integration between Dorico and Cubase is already achieved between Studio One and Notion.

The “Second Step” will be towards real-time synchronization between Cubase <=> Dorico (this still not achieved by Presonus). :slight_smile: These things are crucial when it comes to writing orchestration or arrangements on existing audio (single, or multi-tracks), or scoring for movie soundtracks where we are having speach, ambience and separate temp tracks. Last but not at least many of us prefer to compose, arrange and orchestrate with scores instead of working mainly with MIDI mock-ups.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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And obviously, this clip gain must allow an increase in volume, not just a reduction. Come on Steinberg, be normal!


I disagree with your disagreement on this note. Most have zero clue with Reaper so I had to point out the obvious with most of the themes. The problem as you stated is the NON THEMABLE aspects of it let alone the hideous looking Reaper plugin windows. I agree with you.