Do we have this already - different mixers in one project?

I mean different mixers, not just 3 different views of the same mixer?

It sure would be nice to try out different mixes without having to open different projects to do so. And then, we still have to render all the mixes so they can be put on the same project for instant comparison.

Or … is there a better way than I’m doing? (Vegas bookies say … likely!).

Thanks -

You could try .VMX

Right click mixer and use save all mixer settings. you can load all mixer settings to get back to previous mixs.
This will save and load the entire mixer including all plugins.

Of course the mixer configuration will have to be identical.

Or if you change the mixer config you can use save selected channels, and save/load in sections.

Excellent, Split, thank you! So functionally we do have different mixers, very nice!

The thought occurred to me that possibly the Studios in the Control Could help act as different mixers too. Haven’t figured out if the output of the Control Room can be flipped around and recorded.

Hi Split -

I did try to do this over the weekend, but it did not work well for me.

I would get error messages like “No can do, can’t bring a group channel in where you have an audio channel”. Though I didn’t see on page 163 that the channel types needed to match ( :question: ), I tried to go with the flow, and adjusted my target mixer to match the .vmx mixer I was trying to bring into the project. However, despite my counting really carefully on a number of occasions, I couldn’t get set up the target mixer well enough for Cubase to deign to paste the .vmx mixer into my project.

Can anyone tell from this description what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks -

The mixers must match exactly for save all to work. or use save selected, then the selected channels must match exactly.

A pen and paper is very useful :sunglasses:

Yes!! But … just seems so … analogue!!

Actually, I was doing screen saves and toggling back and forth. Still a pain in the mixer. Uggh! :smiley:

It’s not elegant but does work.