Do we need a new GUI for Expression maps? YES!

After the Soundvariation feature of Studio One and Digital Performer 11 introduced the capability of “reading” the articulation map directly from VST instruments from VSL, I have been looking towards these DAWs.
I’m SO finished with making my own VST maps especially for the new libraries from VSL, that comes with hundreds of variations. Can’t we have a better interface??? PLEASE? Supported by some AI or even better just the same as in Studio One!!!
Come on Steinberg.
Just buy a copy of Studio One and have look it’s almost perfect, all details in place, I could give you a list, just mail me!
Regards Stig


+1 for Cubase and Nuendo!

You could write something about the new SO (and DP) Expression Maps in the big “Expression Map” feature request thread, giving some more details about these competitors EMs, if you like:

I had a quick check at the Studio One page, and there seems indeed to even be some kind of automatic things going on. Is that so also for DP? (didn’t find much at the DP page).

I’m SO finished with making my own VST maps

Until we have updated Expression Maps funcionality in Cubase, you could use “Art Conductor” from for premade maps. The latest version supports over 500 libraries with almost 8000 templates. (I have no personal experience with this, but read some good things about it.) Maybe you are already aware of that, but somebody else reading this may not be.