Do we need to stay on topic in the lounge?

Man I was surprised that Chris locked a thread here @ Lounge? I thought this area was more relaxed! Anything goes…

What’s up?

I am a Chris too and I can’t stay on topic!


Yes you should stay on topic, and the topics should be music related. There is also no need to have two threads about the same topic.



So no spontaneous flow what so ever… I like to talk about woman, love and flowers and getting drunk outside our local gas station.

You can keep on looking thread Chris but I won’t change my behavior… In the end you will be so polluted by love and eye candy that you won’t be able to lock another thread… Especially here @ the lounge.

I’m the admin of the world… And I hold the key to your brain!


And I hold the key to your brain!

Don’t think so

Not a chance…ask yourself first, if there is anything that can be locked or opened with that key, at all.
Somehow, I have the feeling this will stay a lonely place…

To the rest of the world:
I am 50 and go off-topic whenever I bleed’n like … even nacked or painted blue and red if it suits me…

Chris excuse me for asking! Do you get a hard on locking threads?

Media Lounge is Media Lounge and I’ve been here longer than you so please respect what I’m trying to say man… Don’t come around here and start locking threads. You suck when you do that!

Wasn’t Media Lounge supposed to be more relaxed - do we really need you here?

My two cents…

Hello Evilchild,

This kind of communication we will not tollerate here anymore in the new forums.

When you want to talk about “non” music related topics, then please visit an internet forum where it is possible.
Here & in the other lounges the topics should be music related.

thank you.


Had send Evil a PM, and wanted to remove his post.
Too late.

Chris, give 'm one more chance, he has been around for a long time.
He barks loud, but doesn’t bite.