Do we still have three mixers

This is very important for me because I’m using MCU control over two SSL Sigmas. Having multiple mixers lets me keep the first 32 channels on mixer 1 associated with the 32 Sigma channels. I then use mixer 2 with various channels hidden depending on what I want to see. If I didn’t have this arrangement, the mix would be destroyed every time I changed which channels are hidden because MCU picks the first 32 visible channels

I know this is complicated to describe with out seeing it. However, if I don’t have this arrangement, I can’t upgrade.

Related question assuming we still have the three mixers… Which mixer is the one at the bottom of the new main screen?

Thanks for your help.

I don’t use MixConsole 2 and 3 but they are still listed in the Cubase>Devices menu. So I would think they are still available.

Sorry, I can’t answer your 2nd question.

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Fantastic Prock! I was really worried for a minute. BTW: after watching the club cubase mixer youtube again I’m pretty sure that the docked mixer is mixer 1 because you use the same function key to expand it. Not nearly as important to me as your answer though. Thanks again.

Actually, it’s kind of 4th MixConsole.

When I start to use Visibility, MixConsole is open in the Lower Zone and no Sync Visibility of Project and MixConsole is enabled, the Visibility of the MixConsole in the lower zone is synced with the Project window anyway (without syncing!).

Is it a “bug” that the “lower zone mixer” is different that the break out mixer (mixer in a separate window)?

Like Martin brought up, visibility set on separate window does not sync up with the lower zone mixer.

Is this an oversight? Or did they run out of money just when the testers said, “Hey, wait a minute…the mixers don’t sync up!”