"Do What Makes Your Heart Sing, Part 1"

I initially recorded this, without the lead guitar, back in about 2005. Then more recently decided it needed something, so I added the lead guitar track. Interestingly it sounds like it belonged there from the start.

Except for the live bass and guitar parts, everything else was done in Cubase. No external synths or drum machines. All the guitars were recorded direct. The bass is using the Quadrafuzz plugin, and the lead guitar is processed through a Johnson J-Station and some plugins.

There’s actually was never a part 2… it’s just the title. lol


+1 :slight_smile:
In the beginning the bass seems a little bit to loud for me (around 0:15…) but then I got used to it. How did you do the drums?

I do fade the bass back a bit once it gets going. I’m primarily a bass player, so I like loud bass! But I’m playing all the guitar parts also.

The drums were step sequenced by clicking on the grid with my mouse. Seems tedious, but I like doing it that way. I copy and paste parts and then edit in fills. This one is a fairly static drum part. I used drum samples I have collected over the years. I used the built in drum sampler, what ever it was called at the time. Was it GrooveAgent then? I forget.

I did the keyboard parts the same way, even though I can play keyboards. I did a version of the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams that way, entirely step sequencing all the parts. I can’t post it here because of copyright issues, but you can find it on my SoundCloud. Sometimes I find that easier than plaguing in external MIDI gear. :slight_smile:

Sound like a lot of work entering event ba event. And the results do not sound as static as I would expect by using a grid. Well done!

Thanks! It’s less work than it seems, because I’ll do two bars, and then repeat that for the duration of the song. Then I go in and make changes and variations, like fills. Kind of like programming a hardware drum machine.