Do what WaveLab does with the GUI of Plugins

In WaveLab, after opening a plugin the GUI appears. But you can DOUBLE CLICK on the plugin header - and the body of the plugin GUI will disappear leaving ONLY the plugin header. This is Brilliant. You can move the headers around, stack the headers on top of each other - and then, when you need to open the GUI to make an adjustment, just double click on the header. It’s a super quick way to clean up your project window as you navigate to do other things and not waste time recalling the plugin from whatever channel insert/send it is located in.

My thinking is that if Philippe has sorted this feature why doesn’t Cubase use it also?

Indeed, a very interesting way of managing plug-ins UI. Would really like to see it implemented, if possible to use some part of Wavelab code for this, to help managing multi inserts tracks. So…

+1 !

+1 good idea!
Organizing plugin windows is a mess at the moment.

Imho I see where this could work for mastering, but if you have dozens of tracks with a lot of plugins it does not seem to be convenient. A tabbed view seems a better alternative to me

I agree with Tj99 that I would rather see one tabbed VST window.