Do you guys see a listen button in the inspector?

I thought I read about that somewhere, but I don’t see it in my inspector … is that just a Cubase 8 thing?

Thanks -

You only get it if you have control room activated.

Thx, I’ll go and double check. Maybe I noticed in that brief period between opening an old project and activating the control room.

Nah you forgot:-)

I don’t have C7 installed anymore, but I do know that the listen button appears on channels in the mixer in C7. C8 has the button on tracks in the project page also.

This button never appears in the inspector.

If the control room is off the buttons are greyed out.

Alexis, why not download the trial and get some accurate answers on your own?

Thanks for your answer, Steve. To clarify, I am asking about C7.5.4, which I own and use (though I will probably trial/buy C8 in the future, ATM I’m not interested in doing that yet). I did see the Listen button in my mixer, but it was missing from my project page, the reason for my post. It wasn’t even present in a grayed out form, so based on what you said, it sounds like the CR being on/off doesn’t have much to do with why I didn’t see it.

I’ll check again next time I boot up … thanks much!

What’s to check? The listen button was added to the Project window with version 8. the only way you’ll see it in 7.5 is if you draw it on your monitor with a crayon, which would be somewhat less functional. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well that was my initial question, whether it was only in C8, didn’t quite understand that from your previous post, so sorry.

Glad we got that sorted :slight_smile: