Do you have to uninstall the previous version after upgrading?

I’m going to take Steinberg up on it’s upgrade offer. Do I need to uninstall my current version first?

No you can keep that installed and use it still although you will need the usb licenser to do so


You don’t have to uninstall it at all.

Actually, it depends on the exact upgrade. If you go for Artist to Pro upgrade, this is sharing the same executable (application) so just the license changes.

The content is shared over all applications, so no worries, you will not end up with doubled huge files on the disk.

Hi Martin,

Is that the same if upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Element 12, in other words, should I be better off uninstalling, and upgrading…? Or…Keeping it installed, and then upgrading?




If you update from Cubase Elements 11 to Elements 12, your Cubase Elements 11 remains installed. So you can use it later, if you would need. But if you don’t need it anymore, you can uninstall Cubase Elements 11. Actually it doesn’t matter, if you uninstall Cubase Elements 11 prior Cubase Elements 12 installation or after. The result will be the same.

Thanks Martin.

What about all the third party VSTs? I guess they’ll have to be reinstalled……?



Yes, I would recommend to install the whole content to make sure, you get the latest updated versions. No worries, the content is not going to be doubled at your disk.

No, they don’t - just done an upgrade to 12 myself. But of course, if you wish to…

And I would add that my VSTs are installed in a totally separate location from \Steinberg\ folders (perhaps that’s why they survive?), because I also use Reaper and other DAW software, and it all points to the same VST files. Works fine.