Do you have trouble with editing samples like i do ?

Hey Guys,

I have an 808 low end heavy bass kick sample (WAV Format). How do i throw it in the piano roll & place it throughout the scale, while at the same time changing the pitch to it ? Ideally, i want to tune the bass sample.

For example on a synth line … When you have the midi notes and you shift up or down to go an octave higher or lower. Or you select all and press up & down key to move the midi note a half step up or down.

Instead of a synth, i want to achieve that with an 808 kick sample (which is a WAV file). I tried to move the midi note of the sample up, but then it stops playing the sample because groove agent doesn’t read it.

Thanks in advance


You should use full sampler, like HALion, for example. Groove Agent One is for drums only. It means, you can’t create zones with auto-pitch-shifting here. You can just put the sample on the pad (which is triggered by MIDI Note), tune and tweek this one sound. That is all.

If you just want to tune the kick, you could select the audio event and adjust it using the Transpose & Fine-tune option that appear at the top of the screen.

Thanks for reply, i tried that but it just plays the next instrument, its being triggered via Groove Agent.

Thanks Martin, So how do i load my custom drum kit into HALion ?

I have only HALion Sonic LE if that makes any difference ?

Unfortunately, HALion Sonic SE can’t load custom sounds, or libraries. This is just player of Steinberg’s sound libraries/sounds.

Thank you Martin, i appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of free vst samplers that can let you do this.

Shortcircuit | (version 1.1.2, 32bit only, works well with jbridge, not sure about Steinberg bridge)

If you have Padshop Pro you can also use that as a basic sampler… just turn off all the granulating effects. You can even drag n drop audio from the arrange page directly to Padshop Pro.